Bouquets with succulents and air plantsIn our previous blog post, we discussed how you could bling up your bridal bouquet with classy embellishments. Visually, adding elements in addition to the flowers lends more layers of style and texture to your bouquet. In this post, we’re going to discuss several more ways to personalize your flowers.

Natural accents for your bridal bouquet:

Bouquets with seed pods4. Succulents and Air Plants: Succulents and air plants are two of the most on trend additions to wedding this year not only because of their affordable price tag but also because of their structural diversity—they come in a wide variety of colors and Dr. Seuss-like shapes. With their unique colors and shapes, succulents and air plants bring a rustic, desert-inspired style to your bouquet.
Here are several of our favorites:

  • Echeverias maintain a flower-like appearance because their leaves grow in tight rosettes.
  • To add a cascading shape to your bouquet, consider sedum burrito with their vinelike stems.
  • Air plants (or tillandsia) add a wild, whimsical, Dr. Seuss-like look to your bouquet. (Great news: because they need very little water and can withstand a range of weather conditions, they still look beautiful after hours on a sunny Sedona Sunday or Saturday.
  • Added bonus: many succulents and air plants can be propagated or repotted as home décor after your wedding. Can’t say the same for the daisies…

5. Seedpods: Seedpods can add some serious intrigue by building your bouquet up (adding height) or out (adding volume). Poppy pods, lotus, and scabiosa are great for creating a fuller shape for your bouquet while trumpet pods, okra, and dried protea can add height to your arrangement because of their slender, taller construction.

6. Grains & Grasses: As more couples opt for barn, country, beach, woodland, and garden weddings, organic straws of grains and grasses are a natural addition to the bride’s bouquet. Add blue lyme or tufted hair grass for a wispy, tall addition to your bouquet’s shape. A big elephant ear can amp up the ambience of a tropical-themed wedding. For a ranch, barn, or country-themed wedding, consider lavender, wheat, and barley tied together with a floppy gingham ribbon.
In our next Sedona Sky Weddings blog post, we’ll share more of our favorite bridal bouquet embellishments. Come back and learn more!Bouquets with grains and grasses

Part 1 of 4

Wedding Bouquet Embellished with Pearls, Jeweled Brooches, and RhinestonesThe bridal bouquet your great-grandmother carried on her wedding day was probably a cascade of white roses, several sprigs of baby’s breath, and enough green leaves to constitute a small tree stuffed in the bouquet at exact intervals. According to Dawn, the talented floral designer at An Old Town Flower Shoppe in Cottonwood, Arizona, brides this year are adding a variety of embellishments to their wedding bouquet. Visually, adding elements in addition to the flowers lends more layers of style and texture to your bouquet. Here are a few of Dawn’s favorite bouquet enhancements:

Get Classy

  1. Pearls: To add a timeless elegance to your bouquet, drape a delicate strand of small pearls across the top of the bouquet or place pins topped with pearls among the flowers.
  2. Jeweled brooches: Want to add bling to your bouquet? Get your glam on with jeweled brooches (crystals, diamonds, rhinestones) in among the flowers and greens!
  3. Rhinestones: Affix rhinestones or crystals to wire and then scatter the pins throughout your bouquet. Combine sparkle with sophistication!
    Come back for another exciting chapter!

Ask any bride who has been on her feet from mid-morning to midnight and she’ll probably tell you that while super cute, her shoes were super uncomfortable. Yeah, her ability to walk was compromised by the end of the night. Argh….

But wait! Don’t give up hope (or your budget) just yet! Our absolutely amazing Sky Ranch Lodge/Sedona Sky Weddings Event Sales Manager, Carlinda Alvardo, has the solution:


Half of you just asked, “Huh?”

It’s OK. Carlinda will explain.

Instead of dropping a bundle on a pair of wedding shoes, hunt around your closet for your most comfortable shoes. They might be the flats you bought at the outlet mall or those soooo comfortable heels you bought at a big box store and discovered that pleather is actually a fashion option. You know you can wear these shoes for hours on end and be comfortable!

So how do you upscale your shoes for your wedding day? Glam them up with shoe clips–a darling accessory which clip on the toes or the heels of your favorite shoes. There are oodles of shoe clips on Amazon, Etsy, and specific web sites.

(By using shoes you have or opting for a new, inexpensive pair, you have brilliantly NOT blown your wedding budget on shoes! You can use the money you budgeted for shoes and splurge a little more on your flowers or food!)

Can’t find anything that sings to you? Use your favorite brooch, sew-on patch, or hair clip as a shoe clip.

Here are our few favs:

Shoe Clips Blue Bows   Shoe Clips Unicorn

Shoe Clips POW! BAM!   Shoe Clips with Blue Hearts

Cat lovers have found very creative ways to have their cats in their weddings. At Sedona Sky Weddings, we’ve got some cat-agorically cute suggestions on how to include your cat in your wedding!

  1. If you’d like to have Mr. Percival your pampered Persian in your pictures, consider asking your photographer to include kitty in your engagement photos or take center stage on your “Save the Date” postcards. Another option is having the photographer come to your abode before the wedding and take your photos with your cat.
  2. Stalk the thrift stores for flea market chic. Find cute cat figurines which can double as cake toppers or centerpieces.
  3. Infuse a cat theme onto your cake: have little kitty paw prints in the icing.
  4. As more engaged couples utilize their wedding as a way to give back to their community, consider making a donation to a no-kill cat shelter (e.g., Rescue House in San Diego or Miss Kitty’s Cat House in Prescott) or to a local non-profit which pays the vet bills for those in need (e.g., Pay It Forward in Cottonwood at 928/634-5274). Instead of buying wedding favors for your guests, put a sign on each table stating that a donation has been made in your guests’ names to a cat-related non-profit.
  5. Another way to include cats in your wedding is to ask your guests to make a donation in your name to particular cat-related cause. Or ask your guests to bring donations of cat food and supplies which will be given to a local cat shelter. This is a win-win: their gifts to you can benefit cats instead of your guests giving you another can opener or set of Pyrex bowls. Like you needed more of those…
  6. Would you like your cat, Lady Esmeralda or Sir Kitty, to walk you down the aisle? In a cat harness, your cat might be cajoled down the aisle if you have his favorite treat such as tuna flakes waiting for him at his feline El Dorado. Lady Esmeralda might be a bit happier walking up the aisle in a pet stroller. (In a pet stroller or a cat harness, your cat can’t escape, causing you unnecessary panic.)

Many couples who are considering getting married are also considering how the fine jewelry they select—their engagement and wedding rings—might be environmentally conscious as well as a way to give back to their communities…and they can when they select an ethical, socially responsible jewelry designer.

Socially responsible jewelers design rings which are handcrafted from beyond conflict-free diamonds and recycled, precious metals.

In our history, the harvesting of diamonds often fuels conflict and violates human rights. The mining of precious metals often causes environmental damage to the environment. To make matters worse, miners frequently are denied adequate health and safety protections while working for less than fair wages.
What are your options if you want ethical engagement and wedding rings? Consider using these materials in your rings:

  • recycled gold
  • fair trade gold
  • vintage diamonds and jewels
  • conflict-free diamonds and jewels

Certain designers are green-certified and/or give back to their community or their environment in several different ways.

You can Google “ethical engagement rings” to find ethical jewelry designers.

In our previous Sedona Sky Weddings blog post, we shared the meanings of white, red, and pink roses at a wedding. Since roses are a very popular wedding flower, let’s look at three more very popular wedding rose colors and their meanings.

Yellow Roses:

Joy, Delight, Promise of a New Beginning, “I Care,”
Additional meanings: Friendship, Gladness, Remember Me

• Yellow rose with red tips: Falling in Love, Friendship

Dating back to the ancients, yellow was the color of the sun, warmth, joy, wisdom, power, optimism, and boundless happiness. For that reason, yellow roses were often sent to cheer someone up. Now, yellow roses express your feelings of delight and joy—which is why they are often the floral guests at weddings.

During the 18th. Century, many people around the world fell in love with roses—even though roses were only grown in shades of pink and white. Sometime during the 1700’s, a yellow rose was discovered growing wild in the Middle East and brought to Europe where people were enchanted with its joyful color. While the first yellow roses lacked any scent, highly skilled European gardeners finally cultivated a yellow rose with its charming sweet-and-spicy scent. Aha! The perfect yellow rose was born! This why the highest compliment a Texan can offer his beloved is that she is his “yellow rose of Texas”–the best woman he’s ever met!

Orange Roses:

Passion, Enthusiasm, Desire, Fascination
Additional meanings: ‘”I’m proud of you”

• Peach Roses: Let’s Get Together, Appreciation, Sincerity, Gratitude
• Pale Peach Roses: Modesty
• Coral Roses: Desire

Sunsets. Citrus fruits. What do they have in common? The color orange! Orange is often the color of roses used for spring, summer, fall, beach, dessert, and winery weddings.

Orange is one of the newest rose colors, having first been cultivated in the 20th. century. Realizing that orange is on the color wheel between red and yellow, skilled gardeners created an orange rose—a beautiful, refreshing look for roses!

When it comes the meaning of orange roses, that too falls right between yellow and red by merging the meanings of love and friendship. An orange rose is more subtle than a red rose and bolder than a yellow rose. An orange rose is intriguing because it communicates a love which grows out of friendship—you are your beloved’s only love and your beloved’s best friend.

Considering that orange roses range from the softest coral to a blazing, fiery orange, you might think that the orange rose is the wild child of the rose family. Orange roses communicate enthusiasm, passion, elegance, energy, and gratitude.

Lavender Roses:

Enchantment, Love at First Sight, Majesty, Splendor

Visually stunning, very distinctive, and very rare, lavender roses come in a range of eye-catching hues from the most delicate lilac to a vibrant purple.

When were the first lavender roses grown? There are Old Garden species as well as modern rose hybrids, miniature rose bushes and larger, long stemmed, single bloom flowered. (While lavender roses are expertly cultivated today, this author’s Great Aunt Ruth accidentally grew a lovely lavender rose in the 1960’s by adding too much potassium to the soil around a white rose. The next batch of roses were all lavender and the flower committee at church was incredibly grateful for the donated lavender roses!)

Like purple roses, lavender roses are associated with royalty, regal majesty, and splendor. This beautiful color is infused with a sense of magic, wonder, and impossibility. Being a rare color, they symbolize that rarest kind of love: love at first sight.

Here at Sedona Sky Weddings, we do several wedding each weekend—which is why you might want to call Carlinda Alvarado, our Events Sales Manager and book early! Because we do so many weddings, we decided to look into the meanings of the color of various roses to see what those roses communicate.

Roses, since they are available year-round, are often the floral focal point of weddings here at Sedona Sky Weddings. Here are the meanings of three very popular colors:

White Roses:

Purity, Innocence, Virtue, Purity of New Love, Honor, “I am worthy of you”
Additional meanings: Spirituality, Heavenly, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness

  • White rosebud: symbolic of girlhood
  • Red roses and white roses given together: True Love, Unity, and Bonding
  • White roses and yellow roses given together: Harmony

Traditionally, a white rose was the preferred wedding rose because it symbolized true, happy, marital love, as well as purity, and innocence.

At certain colleges, a woman carries a single white rose during her college graduation.

Red Roses:

True Love, Beauty, Romance, Romantic Love, “I Love You,” Passion
Additional meanings: Courage, Respect, Congratulations

  • Dark red rose or deep burgundy rose: Unconscious Beauty
  • Single red rose: “I Love You”
  • Red rosebud: Purity and Loveliness
  • Red roses and white roses (given together): True Love, Unity, and Bonding
  • Red roses and yellow roses (given together): Happy and Joyful feelings

In modern times, the red rose symbolizes true love.

Pink Roses:

Love, Poetic Romance, Perfect Happiness, Sweetness, Admiration, Gentleness, Grace
Additional meanings: “Please Believe Me”

  • Dark Pink Roses: Gratitude, Appreciation, “Thank you”
  • Light Pink Roses: Gentleness, Admiration, Grace, Gladness, Joy, Sweetness

As a blending of white and red, the pink rose blends the sweetest meanings of each. Pink roses are the gentlest messengers of poetic romance, love, and perfect happiness—which is why they are often the rose invited to weddings!

Bring your wedding to Sedona’s Sky Ranch Lodge and let Carlinda Alvarado, Event Sales Manager, at Sedona Sky Weddings help you plan the perfect St. Patrick’s Day wedding. Here are a few of her favorite ideas to incorporate the green, orange, and white of the Irish flag into your wedding!

  1. Channel the luck of the Irish into a “Lucky in Love” banner. The banner could decorate your buffet or dessert table and hang it in your new home later.
  2. Feature Irish foods such as corned beef, Irish soda bread, and a crab dish called Dublin Lawyer in your menu.
  3. For dessert, consider Chocolate Stout cupcakes with a Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting with bright green and orange sprinkles on the top or a tower of orange, white, and green macaroons.
  4. Decorate your place cards with gold calligraphy and green shamrock cutouts.
  5. Work with your floral design to create green tablescapes.
  6. Include green shamrocks, carnations (in green, white, or orange), or stocks in your flowers, boutonnieres, and on top of your table settings.
  7. Wearin’ of the green! Whether it’s a green sash across your wedding dress, green bridesmaids’ dresses, or the groom’s party wearing green vests and/or ties, all of these great ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s.
  8. Even though St. Patrick’s occurs during Lent (when alcohol is not allowed by Roman Catholic rules), there is a one day exception on St. Pat’s—at least for the Irish and the Irish at heart! The Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail is Midori (a green melon-flavored liqueur) mixed with your favorite champagne. Garnish? How about green honeydew melon balls!

Each year, new wedding trends appear and this year is no different. A few of the trends from last year (e.g., Modern/Metallic) have different nuances this year. At Sedona Sky Weddings, engaged couples have already booked 2017 weddings with the following themes:


  • Traditional (Unlike trends which come and go, a traditional wedding ensures that in 20 years your wedding photos will be elegant.)
  • Modern (features the softer, brushed metallic gold, silver, whites, with a color pop to achieve a contemporary, classy, hip city vibe)
  • Vintage Glam (Art Deco, pearls, 1930s classic Hollywood movie style)

Natural themes:

  • Country/Barn
  • Garden (green garlands on the tables and arch, greenery for boutonnieres)
  • Vineyard
  • Woodsy
  • Tropical/La Isla (bright, colorful, Cuban-influenced weddings)


  • BoHo (lace, flower crowns, flowing sleeve, wildflowers)
  • Whimsical
  • Fairy Tale (e.g., Cinderella)
  • Comic Con/Super hero/Fantasy (Yes, Wonder Woman was a bridesmaid.)

Bring your ideas to Sedona Sky Weddings and let’s get started on planning your 2017 wedding!

A recent national survey found that 41% of all couples become engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day…which means many of you are starting to plan your big day. Here at Sedona Sky Weddings at Sky Ranch Lodge, we would love to help you plan every aspect of your wedding.

Let’s start with colors!

Not sure what to select?

You might start by taking this color list down to your favorite paint or hardware store. Ask for the paint sample strips in these colors to start.

Take the sample strips home and try these colors in different combinations until you have the perfect color scheme. For instance, you can try the light green shade of “Sage” and several greens which are on either side of it—lighter or darker. Pick a “Blush” or light pink and try different combinations of the pink and green until you get the right colors for you. While darker shades are more classic and formal, lighter hues are often seen as romantic and more fresh. Mix and match your color swatches until you have the perfect combination which will set the mood for your entire wedding day because the right colors will make your wedding day come alive!

  • Light green, pastel pink, and light lavender
  • Blush (a light pink), gold, and French blue
  • Peach, coral, and teal (great color palette for beach or tropical weddings)
  • Blush, cream, aqua (a vibrant blue)